Adapt X.1
Single Bottle: $70.00
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Arego Life’s ADAPT X.1™ includes patented Adaptenol which helps naturally balance each of the 14 serotonin neuro-pathways. Balancing these neuropathways can lead to: Improved Sleep** Mood Management** Boost Immune Function Brain Function Improved Sexual Function Skin Health Relaxation Fat Metabolism Anti-Aging

ADAPT X.1 performed powerfully in a double-blind study. The study focused on the mood and sleep impact ADAPT X.1 had on moderately stressed adults.

  • 8% Less Tension
  • 15% Less Depression
  • 25% Less Irritability
  • 33% Faster Falling Asleep
  • 50% Improved Sleep Efficiency
  • 40% Improved Sleep Quality
  • 30% Fewer Wakes at Night
  • 24% More Time in REM Sleep

For best results, it is recommended that you spray and swallow 6-10 sprays daily.

ADAPT is an adaptogen which will perform based on the needs of the body. Because each person is unique, taking ADAPT at different times may improve results.

For example, if you do not get the wanted results taking the product at night, try taking the product in the morning.

ADAPT is designed to adapt to your body’s serotonin receptors needs.

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